Apply To Try: OmniFoods 100% Plant-Based Pork

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Struggling to transition to a plant-based lifestyle? Make it easier with this free sample of OmniFoods 100% Plant-Based Pork, courtesy of Social Nature.

OmniFoods 100% Plant-Based Pork is an all-purpose, plant-based pork alternative made with a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins including non-GMO soy, peas, shiitake mushrooms, and rice for a complete and diverse protein profile. Choose from OmniPork Ground, OmniPork Strips, or OmniPork Luncheon meats.

If you’d like to try them out for yourself, you can apply for the free sample through Social Nature. Sign up or create an account here and click ‘Apply to Try’. You’ll receive a confirmation email in the coming weeks if you’ve been selected. Good luck!