Claim Free Games Every Week From Epic Games – April 28 – May 5

It’s that time of the week again!. If you love PC gaming, you won’t want to miss out on the free games offered every week in the Epic Games Store. Each week they share a free game or two, including new and popular titles! There are no strings attached, just sign up for an account and check back once a week to collect your freebies.

This week you can get Just Die Already and Paradigm.

Just Die Already has been described as a ‘mayhem sandbox’, which is exactly what you’d expect from the developers that brought you Goat Simulator. The game is packed full of goofy humor and challenging physics challenges for you to enjoy alone or with up to three other players.

Paradigm is a post-apocalyptic game set in the fictional Eastern European country of Krusz. This isn’t your standard gritty survival game though, instead, you’ll be navigating outlandish situations as a handsome mutant. Traverse the wasteland and interact with a whole cast of colorful characters, including the ghost of a candy spewing genetically engineered sloth and a cult-leading glam metal pug.

Check back on May 5 for new selections!

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