Protect Your Motorcycle or Scooter from Thieves With This Free Theft Prevention Packet From Heat Reward

Did you know that since 1954, every vehicle sold in America is required by law to have a unique Vehicle Identification Number or VIN? You might be surprised to learn that this also applies to motorcycles and scooters. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder to protect your motorcycle or scooter from theft when you’re on the go. Heat Reward would like to give you a little peace of mind with a free Theft Prevention Packet.

Each packet includes a custom sticker sheet engraved with your vehicle’s VIN and a set of instructions on how and where to apply your stickers. Wondering how stickers could guard your vehicle against theft? They are a strong deterrent for many thieves and they can help you identify and return the parts of your vehicle if they should be stolen.

If you’d like to request a custom engraved VIN sticker sheet, fill out the form on the Heat Reward website. Your Theft Prevention Packet will be mailed to you within a few weeks.